AutoRaise exists to attract a new generation of passionate and skilled talent into the Vehicle Repair industry - a sector that offers fantastic career opportunities in diverse roles including technical, workshop, administration, management and sales.


AutoRaise are always looking to engage with young people and to demonstrate the Vehicle Repair industry to them. We have many channels to fill the talent pipeline and prepare young people for an Apprenticeship in our industry and we want to work with schools, teachers and career advisors to help inform young people and their parents about what our sector has to offer.

If you are a teacher or advisor who is looking for new career options to put in front of your students, or are organising a Career Fair at your school, please get in touch with us and hear what we have to say. We are very happy to come to your school to talk to both you and your students and representatives from both AutoRaise and local Vehicle Repair Centres regularly run stands at Careers Events.

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