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Here's something you might not know - AutoRaise doesn't just work with schools. We are also developing channels to help young people resettle into the Vehicle Repair industry from other walks of life, the first of which to come online is the armed forces resettlement programme through CTP Future Horizons.

CTP Future Horizons has been developed in response to the recognition and commitment from The Ministry of Defence to improve resettlement provision to Early Service Leavers (ESLs). The programme is open to ESLs across all the services, regardless of their length of service or the reasons for leaving.

AutoRaise CEO, Bob Linwood explains: “career choices are very difficult for young people. There is a bewildering range of options out there and, unfortunately, some people start down a path that they subsequently decide is not for them. By working with CTP Future Horizons we are able to offer a new option for service leavers, compatible with many of their existing skills and providing the challenge and job satisfaction they are looking for.”

So, if you are 24 and under and looking to change careers, get in touch with AutoRaise or, better still, attend an Industry Showcase Event to see if Vehicle Repair is for you.

If you are currently in the armed forces and looking to end your service early, please visit the CTP Future Horizons website for all the help and advice you need.